OmniROM: here come the raw Nightly Android 4.4 based KitKat.

By | Thursday, Nov 28 2013 9:01AM


By former members of the Cyanogen team arrives OmniROM, the first non-Samsung ROM with MultiWindow

For some weeks now Android users feel more and more often appoint a  new custom firmware for Android smartphones and tablets,  as it prepares to do battle with the most well-known custom firmware “universal”, the CyanogenMod.

The firmware of which I speak to you today is called OmniROM:  for it is now compatible with a few devices, but it has all it takes to  unseat the throne firmware CyanogenMod. 

The list, as we said, is not really long for now and only includes the devices below:


  • find5 (Oppo Find 5)
  • flo ( Nexus 7 Wi-Fi 2013)
  • grouper (Nexus 7 Wi-Fi 2012)
  • hammerhead ( Nexus 5 )
  • i777 (Samsung Galaxy SII AT & T)
  • I9100G (Samsung Galaxy SIIG)
  • i9300 (Samsung Galaxy SIII)
  • i9305 (Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE)
  • mako ( Nexus 4 )
  • n7000 (Samsung Galaxy Note)
  • N7100 (Samsung Galaxy Note 2)
  • t0lte (LTE Samsung Galaxy Note 2)
  • t0lteatt (2 Samsung Galaxy Note LTE AT & T)
  • t0ltetmo (2 Samsung Galaxy Note LTE T-Mobile U.S.)
  • tilapia (3G Nexus 7 2012)

News today is that they are available the first Nightly ROM, ROM that is updated on a daily basis, if you are interested, you can download it from this link .

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