NVIDIA introduces the GPU GK208 cards in newer versions of GT 640 and GT 630

The low-end segment receives support CUDA 3.5


According to rumors, there is a chance that NVIDIA stop adding more models to its new family of GeForce 700 series desktop. But according to a review published by the site 4Gamer.net, the action still continues in the low-end segment to find that the rumored GK208 GPU , which we know in the variants GeForce 700M Series Laptop , also part of versions date of the GeForce GT 640 and GT630.

The GK208 was a name that is well remembered as it was with the rumor that occurred environments to a possible change in the nomenclature name for chips that would be used in the GeForce 700 Series family.Today we know that it was not. Judging by your specifications, you can say it’s the same GK107 only with some minor changes. We will find 384 CUDA Cores, 32 TMUs but now just 8 ROPs instead of 16 ROPs. To all this, the most important thing is that NVIDIA has decided to CUDA 3.5 support to low-end segment that until now only seen in the GK110 used in the GTX 780 and GTX TITAN. This means that you will have access to technologies as GPUDirect that was designed to have direct access to GPU memory for other dispositivs as IB adapters, NICs and SSDs.


Speaking of cards, the GeForce GT 640 uses the silicon GK208-400 memory and GPU frequencies operating at 1046 MHz compared MHz/1800 GT640 (GK107) of 900/1800 MHz Like the original model find with 1GB / 2GB but with DDR3 and GDDR5 memory. The unfortunate thing is that the bus is now 64-bit and 128-bit but gives a bandwidth of 40 GB / soo 38.8% higher than the model with GK107, only supports PCIe 2.0 x8, and something to note is its TDP 49W and 65W.

In the GT 630, the change is more significant since leaving the old GF108 “Fermi” for Kepler chip, but otherwise is very similar to the GT640 (GK208). The most notable change is an increase in the frequency of GPU to 902 MHz and memory at 1800Mhz, still using DDR3 memory and 64-bit bus resulting in a memory bandwidth of 14.4 GB / s 50% lower than the previous model. What stands out about this card is its TDP of only 25W, extremely low compared to the model with GF108.

Zotac NVIDIA-GK208-


In terms of performance, the new GT 640 (GK208) is superior to previous model (GK107). A 720p resolution in DirectX 9-based games such as F1 2012 found performance improvements of 18% in Crysis 3 from 6% in Far Cry 3 up to 16.8%, and synthetic benchmarks like 3DMark improvement reached be up to 11%. The GT630, moreover, proved to be in the above tests about 17.3%. In energy, the GT 640 (GK208) reported from 3-7W less than the model with DDR3 memory but was most evident where lower power consumption was with the GT630 which were reduced between 36-52W.





In these times there is no release date for this side of the globe.

Source: 4Gamer.net