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NOVA 3 for Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone available in Store

NOVA 3 for Nokia Lumia, only devices with Windows Phone 8 and 1 GB of RAM or more, is now available in the Windows Phone Store free, so gamers can already start preparing space in our phone, in particular 1018 MB. And is that yesterday was presented by Gameloft E3 2013 Conference, today is now available for your enjoyment exclusively for Nokia.

And it is that we will have 10 levels by the Galaxy, with plenty of weapons and powers, and a bestial multiplayer mode, where you will be able to join battles of 12 different players in 7 multiplayer modes in NOVA 3 for Nokia Lumia. No doubt we have the best game that we install on our device, with graphics and effects were unusual.

A little history before you begin:

It’s been 4 months since Kal sabotaged factories of war volterites. However, after the death of President Folsom, the Government decided to give the colonies to the protectorate volterite and prevent a civil war.Kal Wardin has remained on the sidelines, until Yelena begs him desperately to see the ground. The hero must save humanity!

NOVA 3 for Nokia Lumia features:

An epic story: mankind finally returns to Earth! Fight through 10 levels across the Galaxy, from a land scorched to a frozen city volterite.
Many weapons and powers: run, shoot, drive vehicles and pilot meccas.
Join battles of 12 players in 7 multiplayer modes (capture area, Free-for-All, capture the flag, etc.) in 7 different maps.
For the first time, multiple partners can share vehicles and together wreak havoc across the course of battle.
10 new unique achievements in singleplayer and multiplayer modes.
NOVA 3 for Nokia Lumia in action:

NOVA 3 for Nokia Lumia is available for free on Windows Phone Store. FREE only the first level, then we will have to pay 6.99 euros.

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