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New photo of Nexus 5 in black and white


@ Evleaks However, he was not afraid so much in the last few hours is quite active, showing us pictures of the Nexus 5. Same Nexus 5 , which should see very soon. Until a few weeks ago did not talk about white version of this phone until it expires a sample image of this model. Really interesting in the picture was that the whole phone is white. Not only the rear panel, and the entire phone, which is quite different from the previous model.


Now @ Evleaks us down to earth with these pictures that show Nexus 5 in a different light.While the black version is the same as you know it for a long time, the white has a little changed. Here we see a phone that has a white back, but the front goes to black. Judging by the responses on the internet, this concept is not liked much. Most people Preferred pure white phone, including me, but apparently will not shine. I do not know about you, but I personally prefer to believe @ Evleaks, than other cetera it days before presentation of the phone.



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