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Moto X would come with customizable materials: Wood, Ceramic and more

For several weeks, the device that has grabbed all the attention is the Moto X , the next smartphone from Google. In this day has leaked information according to which this phone will provide the ability to customize materials: wood, ceramics and more!

Moto X

Moto X? Customizable materials?

Since rumors began to emerge, the Moto X has grabbed all the attention. There was much speculation about how this team would eventually be customizable and as the days pass, things get more and more interesting.While I personally do not think that we can customize the hardware as some say, according to the latest information, you can choose not only the color but also the material of the device.

Taylor Wimberly, who has given several details about the Moto X , just posted on his Google+ account that users can also customize the smartphone material. What materials can we choose? The options will be very different, from wood, to ceramic, metal or fiber, which are added to the plastic to be the default option. Still not too clear the availability of these materials in all regions, although it is speculated that some versions may be unique to certain countries or operators.

These new materials will be available after August 23, the day which is expected to launch the Moto X . Does this new step in terms of customization opens the door for other manufacturers to imitate Google? I hope so, only time will tell …

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