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Make Custom Ringtones For Iphone With Audiko


Do you want to personalize ringtones on your iPhone? Recently on the App Store is the new free application called “Audiko Ringtones” with graphic-style iOS 7.

how exactly does Audiko Ringtones? 

Audiko Ringtones is easy to use.  If you purchased and downloaded your favorite audio tracks on the iPhone, with  Audiko Ringtones  you can easily create your favorite ringtones. In fact, the app helps us and make custom ringtones for iPhone, taking into account the fact that the iPhone does not natively supports ringtones lasting more than 30 seconds. So, to create custom ringtones with Audiko Ringtones, simply follow these simple steps. Start the app and upload to your favorite song, highlight the 30 seconds that the more you taste, you decide whether to leave or not active  toggle  ” fade-in “and” fade-out “and click” done.  Now we have to do that synchronize everything with iTunes.


After you create the ringtone, you have to transfer it to the correct folder synchronizing with iTunes. Unfortunately, the developers have introduced some ability to export  files  via email or other services. The one, then, so is to connect your iPhone to your Mac / PC and sync classic.

As far as ease of use, Audiko Ringtones are definitely top marks. Despite the limitations identified above, and in any case, Audiko Ringtones is an excellent free program to create custom ringtones for iPhon ee, right considering that it’s free, we could not ask for more.

If, to create custom ringtones on the iPhone, you are willing to pay, but I recommend to use the program ” Ringtonium Pro – Professional Ringtone Designer ” , which costs € 0.89, but offering greater functionality and overall is better than Audiko Ringtones.

However, if you want to try Audiko Ringtones, here is the  App Store Link .

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