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LG Optimus II Tri L1 Specification Price And Availability

LG Optimus II Tri L1

LG Optimus II Tri L1, specifications and design

This Android model is very basic , and although the name may remind us the veterans to a game show (LG Optimus L “1 2 3, say again”), brings a feature that few smartphones on the market offer . This is nothing less than support for three cards SIM . Optiums LG L1 II Tri has the model name LG E475and is physically and very similar to the model features LG L1 II (E410) which was released last year.

LG Optimus II Tri L1

We speak of a terminal with 3-inch screen (320 × 240 pixels), Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 3G connectivity, 512 MB ​​of RAM , 4 GB of internal memory, microSD slot and a battery of 1,540 mAh, which would have to see how it performs in the case of using a triple configuration SIM .

As for the camera, this device mounts a camera with 2 Megapixel sensor and, like the rest of LG range to capture pictures using voice recognition, avoiding having pressing onscreen buttons blindly.

Availability and Pricing

This terminal is listed on page LG Brazil as well as various retailers in the South American country.Apparently is available in black, white or pink and will cost $ 127 hard to justify except for the characteristic triple SIM .

Not known whether will jump to other countries at the moment so we can not confirm that see the light outside of Brazil.

More information | LG Brazil .

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