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LG is trying out Android 4.4 for KitKat Optimus G and G Pro


These days we are talking about a lot of the new version of Android , but also LG and future upcoming smartphones. About LG fact, it seems that the Korean company is testing a new version of the green robot for two terminals available on the market for some ‘time: Optimus G and G PRO .

PhoneArena , thanks to an anonymous reader and informant, received a pair of profiles User Agent confirms that some model numbers for both the LG Optimus G that G PRO , on which you are testing the new version of Android 4.4 KitKat . According to the informant, also, the higher the probability of finding the function popular KnockON model Optimus PRO G , which allow you to lock / unlock the device using a double tap on the screen. Of course this information is not yet well-founded, we do not know when it will release and they do not know the countries from which you will begin the rollout . We will update you as soon as there will be more new stuff!

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