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Install iOS Control Center 7 on your Android

A new feature that caught the attention of iOS in July , the big operating system update iPhone 5 , was the tool Control Center. This is displayed through touch gestures and provides access to much of the system configuration . While Android has similar functionality on the notification bar, a developer has created an application that allows you to keep simile iOS Control Center 7 to Android smartphones.

Although the level of customization and Android settings is extensive, surely there are people who would like to try some of the new features implemented in iOS 7 terminals. We refer mainly to Control Center, a window accessible from the bottom of the screen where you find a number of system settings.

Hi Tools Studio Company has set itself the challenge of “clone” the tool-Control Center-for Android devices. The result has been really good replica of Control Center since the question is about the same. The best thing is to try it is as simple as installing from Google Play the published application, Control Center.Interface Control Center for Android

Once installed on the Android phone, immediately have access to Control Center. It is only necessary to slide the finger upward from the bottom of the screen. A small vibration precedes the deployment of a translucent layer menu, as happens in the iDevices with iOS 7. As you can see in the screenshots, the options are the same.

At the top of the Control Center are five icons that give access to on and off Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Data and screen rotation. The middle part includes three sliders with which you can control the screen brightness (with option to activate automatic mode), system volume and ringer volume. No missing two icons to activate or deactivate the vibration and silence.Settings and Control Center settings for Android

The bottom has four functional buttons in iOS 7 are associated with the functions of Flashlight, Calculator, Clock and Camera. Given the diversity of Android models, Control Center for Android allows custom configure applications to associate pressing the buttons, which is accessed via a long press the icon.

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