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HUD Garmin: GPS Navigation in the glass of your car


For some time the manufacturers have progressed in technological improvements inside the vehicle to enable the driver and occupants enjoy greater comfort and safety in their travels, especially high-end cars. Among these innovations are called Head-Up Display, a system that projects information onto the windshield glass front driver avoiding distractions.

For Garmin , the company famous American manufacturer of all kinds of GPS solutions has decided to bring this system to the general public and has presented the Garmin HUD . This device will screen GPS navigation information on the glass, indicating all details and indications of the route, the estimated time of arrival, speed, traffic or the presence of radars. All without having to look away from the road, avoiding distractions and accidents.


The Garmin HUB collects all that information connecting via Bluetooth to any Android smarthphone , which must be installed navigation app Navigon Garmin , and also uses movable speakers or audio system bluetooth car to give the audible indications. In addition the manufacturer offers the possibility to charge your phone by connecting it to HUD cable, causing the battery drain by BT and GPS connection is lower, which is appreciated.

For now, the Garmin HUD is only available for the U.S. at a price of $ 129.99 which must be added to the price of Navigon for Android application, which costs $ 29.99. I think a good way to increase road safety by helping the driver in his task, but I miss other features that could be implemented taking advantage of the connection to the phone, exploiting the advantages of Android and notifications, which would extend the possibilities of the product.

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