How to overclock Samsung Galaxy S2 [I9100] at 1.5 GHz


And here, it arrived much faster than I expected, the Galaxy S 2 was overclocked at 1.5 GHz with success. The kernel is here, and will flash with the normal procedure


Do this at your own risk

-Start the phone mode download (in now home, vol – and power buttons)
-Launch Odin
-Check that auto-reboot is checked, re-partition and FlashLock are not checked and that all the right boxes are empty.
-Click on PDA and select the file galaxysii_oc_v1.tar
-Click on start and wait for the new kernel be flashed and that the phone restarts on its own.

You will not lose the root, and you’ve found to install SetCPU and select 1.5 GHz.

I just installed it, it looks to operate without problem, not of bug or reboot on my 30 minutes of testing.

Source and kernel download  : … st13709259