How To Hard Reset ZTE Link Complete Guide.


Hi if you forgot your lock and want to reset your zte link phone. here is the full guide.

How To Hard Reset ZTE Link.

Please Read and understand the Full Gudie before Performing Any Action.

Warning:- Use these instructions at your own risk. We will not be responsible for everything that happens to you or your device, resulting from the use of information in this guide.

  • This tutorial is only for ZTE Link.
  • Please do not use it on any other options smartphone or tablet.
  • Make sure that the drivers for your device are installed on the computer.
  • Your smartphone must have a 70-80% charge.
  • Make a backup copy of important data such as call logs, SMS and other data, it is to if something goes wrong, your data is not affected.

Procedure To Hard Reset ZTE Link.

  • Download ZTELink.rar
    and unzip it on desktop.
  • First you have to install drivers for the ZTE Link from unzip folder.
  • Connect your phone to the PC and  turn on pressing the Volume Up the phone freezes on ZTE logo.

When your pc detects the new hardware. go to: Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager, normally you have a device with a yellow question mark. right click on the device -> Update Driver -> Select: Install from a list … -> Next -> Check: Do not look … -> Next -> Click: Disk …> Now look for the “android_usb.inf” file in the ZTELink folder (provided above) -> Click OK, and finalize the installation.

  • Now Click on zte link folder by holding the shift and select the open command window here.
  • run the fastboot, simply by typing: fastboot
  • We will now delete all personal data in order to make the phone “like new”.
  • For  this, type the command: fastboot -i -w 0X19D2
  • Then type fastboot reboot (This command will restart your phone).