How To Enable Multi interface on Samsung Galaxy S6

Enabling multi-interface

Multi s6

First we need a Samsung Galaxy S6 rooted. It is necessary to comply with this mandatory requirement, or otherwise not be able to follow this guide.

Once you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 rooted , we have to download an application that allows editing the file build.prop . In this case we will use ROM Toolbox

. As we have it, we seek build.prop in the terminal and add these two lines at the end:

 fw.max_users = 3
 fw.show_multiuserui = 1

Now the next thing to do is save and turn off the phone , not just reniciar: a complete shutdown is necessary. As the terminal will kindle Settings> Users and the user chose Guest .

Go to the end of the article to download and try this ROM Toolbox fix . Leave us a comantario your experience.

Google Play | ROM Toolbox (free)