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How to download APK files from Google Play on computer


Installing the application of the apk-file is a very simple process – just download it on the Android-powered device, to launch any installed file manager (Total Commander, ES File Explorer, etc..). Installation can be simple, but find the apk-file – that it may become a problem. Because quite important to know how to solve the problem in the simplest way. On the one hand, you can just search apk-file for each application on the Internet, but no one will give you the assurance that you install what you were looking for, or the program / ​​game will be the old version . Almost certainly you will not even notice after installation, such as apk-file, you also installed on the smartphone malware. better option for you would be downloading the installation file from the apk-Google Play. If you think that this can only be done by direct installation on the Android-powered device and extract the file, then everything is much easier and there are several ways to download the file from the application store. The most affordable and convenient – using the APK Downloader. The very name of the service speaks for itself. But there is another option that is as simple that even a child can handle it – you need to install a computer program Raccoon. program even not need to install, just downloaded it, and started to work with. Only need to enter in the window your username and password to have access to Google-account and you can download the desired application from the Android-Google Play. But I note immediately – you can only download free applications available in your area. Paid and are paid. Once you enter your username and password, you’ll need to enter your Android ID – the ID of the device. If you do not know, you can not enter it, but in this case, the identifier will be generated randomly.

How to download APK-files from Google Play on computer

Next is you open the browser on your computer Google Play store, looking for an application that you need to copy the address of the program / game, insert the resulting address into the search program Raccoon and already you can download the apk-file on your computer. It is also possible without entering a search and web addresses applications.Around it looks like this:

Raccoon will show you the same results that fit the search terms, and after selecting a program / ​​game, you will see the information about it – the size, date added, rating, price, number of units of the program, as well as a treasured button to download or go to your browser . All downloaded applications using Raccoon stored in separate files that are stored on your computer in the same folder where the program is. Raccoon you can download free of charge. 

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