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How to customize Android without root permissions

Customize Android without root permissions

Personalizing your Home screen

We can customize the Home screen in many ways, as we shall see below.

Change Launcher

The first step is by far the easiest to make and almost certainly you have already heard. Change our stock launcher with one of the many available on the Android launcher.

Here we show you the best:

DOWNLOAD |  Cheetah Launcher  (light and medium)

DOWNLOAD |  Nova Launcher  (very similar to the experience of stock Nexus)

DOWNLOAD |  Launcher 8 free  (for those who want an interface style Windows Phone)

DOWNLOAD |  Smart Launcher 2  (interface practice, light and comfortable)

DOWNLOAD | Yahoo Aviate Launcher  (to try something different and alternative)

Change icon pack

These launcher presented in the previous section, we can assist a new icon pack, so to change the icons of the apps to fit the theme for the launcher.

Here we show you the best:

DOWNLOAD |  Stock UI Icon Pack

DOWNLOAD |  Belle UI Icon Pack

DOWNLOAD |  Numix Circle icon pack

DOWNLOAD |  Peek Icon Pack

DOWNLOAD |  Moonshine – Icon Pack

Install a live wallpaper

No matter how beautiful the static backgrounds lose their charm after a while ‘time. On the other hand, instead using animated backgrounds can revive even the most serious of smartphones, offering a unique level of customization.

Here are some of the best:

DOWNLOAD | Analog Clock Live Wallpaper  (analog clock animated)

DOWNLOAD |  Device Info Live WallPaper (device information in real-time)

DOWNLOAD |  Earth Live Wallpaper (planets and stars with shadow effects in real time)

DOWNLOAD |  Weather 3D Live Wallpaper (weather and passing day and night in real time)

DOWNLOAD |  Aquarium Live Wallpaper (an aquarium animated)

If you are concerned about the battery life, you can relax: except in rare cases, the live wallpapers impact as any other app in the autorun on battery consumption. At worst, you can uninstall them and try a different background live less exorbitant.

Install some widgets

Widgets are interactive elements that are found in the home screen. We can install any of them to enable or disable the system settings, others provide information on weather and others interface with major music applications, with a widget that allows you to control playback from the home screen.

Here we show you the best:

DOWNLOAD |  Smart Quick Settings (control system)

DOWNLOAD |  Chronus: Home & Lock Widgets  (weather, calendar, clock and notifications)

DOWNLOAD | Shutter Music Player (audio player with customizable widget)

DOWNLOAD |  HD Widgets (collection of various Widgets)

Customize the lock screen

After customizing our home, the next step is to replace the lock screen with a can accommodate many more elements between clock, notifications, inspections and real applications bootable immediately without unlocking the device.

Best to replace screens block are:

DOWNLOAD |  Locker Master

DOWNLOAD |  DashClock


Each offers its own selection of widgets and extensions that can be used to control your device from the lock screen, without having to unlock the phone.

Customize the keyboard

The last step is to change the element that most of all use of WhatsApp and on social: the keyboard.

Although the default keyboard present on the various devices may seem the only choice, we have a wide selection of keyboard that we can try on our system to customize and enhance the user experience, especially if we write fast.

Best keyboards to try are:

DOWNLOAD |  SwiftKey + Emoji

DOWNLOAD |  TouchPal -Emoji

DOWNLOAD |  Swype Keyboard

DOWNLOAD |  + Emoji keyboard Fleksy

DOWNLOAD |  Minuum Keyboard

DOWNLOAD |  ai.type Keyboard

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