Here Maps for Lumia Windows Phone 8 is updated to v3.4.422.8

Here Maps for Lumia Windows Phone 8
Here Maps for Lumia Windows Phone 8

Even the application Here Maps for Windows Phone 8 today receives an update, after Here Drive + for Lumia Here Transit . The bump is at 3.4.422.8 , from the previous v3.3.354.8, which brings with it the following changes:

Pause the scenes LiveSight and Swipe through without taking your phone
Add LiveSight to the Start screen to look around with a touch
It touches the public transport stations to quickly view the list of available lines
Recall the information faster by simply touching a POI.
Whatever the method you choose to travel, HERE Maps showing the way through the cities smarter with fast offline maps in 95 countries. Offline maps allow you to find your way even in areas without cell phone coverage. And, thanks to LiveSight, HERE Maps now brings the power of “sight” on your map so you can see where to go following the signs on the display of the virtual camera.

Here Maps for Lumia Windows Phone 8 Key Features:

Navigation “turn-by-turn” walk with true offline maps in 95 countries.
See what’s around you on the camera display with LiveSight
Explore the shopping centers, public transport stations and other locations in 45 countries
Go to HERE or HERE Transit Drive with a twist
Discover the 25 most interesting places around you
Oriented quickly with the built-in compass
Save and access your favorite places from any app HERE and
Access to real-time traffic information for selected areas
Add places, categories and destinations to the Start screen
LiveSight is not available on the Nokia Lumia 520

The new version is available, at the moment, just for the device Lumia with Windows Phone 8. Let us know in the comments your thoughts on this new version.