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Hangouts Widgets new enjoyable text messaging with Android


The messaging on Android has taken a big step forward with the introduction of the service Hangouts but that does not mean the app developed by Google still needs to be perfected, in many respects.

One of the most obvious shortcomings concerning the lack of a widget dedicated to be able to enter in the homescreen to quickly collect all conversations ( including SMS , if enabled). Fortunately, an independent developer active on XDA , this  RSenG2x , has created a solution estremante unofficial but practical and functional.

The widget is available directly on Google Play Store (link below) and is only compatible with Android 4.3 and higher . When you insert the widget, the app requires access to notifications (as you can see from the picture attached below) as a necessary condition for its operation.

Do not be surprised if Hangouts Widgets initially presents with a blank screen as the software can not view conversations prior to the introduction on the home . Another interesting feature is the ability to resize the widget to adapt it to your needs.

Here is the link to the Play Store and downloading APK:

Downloads | Widgets Hangouts Google Play Store

Downloads | Widgets APK Hangouts

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