Gumulon game for iOS watching your mouth

On a mobile platform iOS, there are many different games that use your movements, or other data. A new game called Gumulon uses the front camera iPhone or iPad to keep track of your “chewing” . fact that the mechanics of the game is tied to the fact that you play as a miner named Ace, who dug up a terrible monster and now you have to by chewing movements of his mouth is necessary to make the path to the hero . But in the end, despite your best efforts, the monster will eat you all the same, and finally you can make a front-facing camera and a photo of “shove” him in the mouth monster. 

The idea is really new, and developers are now few such similar games. It is possible that in the future sensors in mobile devices will reach such development that they can use our biometric and physical data. In the meantime, you can download the game Gumulon in App Store .