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[Guide] Root Samsung Galaxy Ace Running Gingerbread Only


I have not tried this method on Galaxy Ace yet but similar method with different file i have tried with Galaxy Pop/Mini S5570 and that was successful. But there is always chance that something goes wrong. Be aware that rooting your phone is void your phone’s warranty, and only use this method if you want to on your own risk. There is no responsibility taken from myself or the creator of this zip file if something goes wrong. (there is very little chance to go anything wrong until you not follow every step with precaution)

First Download the File from below link:
Root Zip

Now follow the each and every step mentioned below

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.3:

Copy the downloaded file named in your SD card.

Switch off your phone

Now boot your phone into recovery mode. (To boot your phone into recovery mode, press and hold ‘HOME + POWER’ buttons together. When your phone’s screen turns on and you see Samsung logo, just release the ‘POWER’ button only. After the Galaxy Ace logo disappears, you will enter into recovery mode automatically. now you can release the ‘HOME’ button.)

You can see screen like image below.


In recovery mode to move up and down use ‘VOLUME UP’ and ‘VOLUME DOWN’ key. To select option use ‘HOME’ button.

Now Scroll to the “Apply updates from SDcard” and press ‘HOME’ button to select that option.

You will see there various file in the list, just scroll to the and press ‘HOME’ button to select the file (if you download file in different folder then first find that folder got to that folder than select the file)

After pressing ‘HOME’ button precess will start

After completion of process select ‘reboot systems now’ and press ‘HOME’ button and wait till your phone reboot

To check that your phone is rooted or not, go to the app drawer and search for app called superuser. If you see superuser icon there, your phone is rooted.

Congrats! You have rooted your Galaxy Ace!!

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