[Guide] How to disabale Google Hangouts sms on Android Smatphones


Directly from the settings of Google Hangouts, in fact, you can disable the display of SMS application.
To deactivate the SMS messages from Google Hangouts’ll just have to:

  • open Google Hangouts
  • press the menu button on the phone (or at least the 3 dots in smartphones that do not have physical buttons)
  • go to Settings> Text
  • under the heading “General”, uncheck the boxes of “Turn on SMS”, as shown.

Without this, Google Hangouts will return to manage your chat only, while the SMS will continue to be viewed only from the app by default on your Android smartphone.

Small note for owners of Nexus 5 , that, instead of this approach, they will find the inscription “SMS-enabled.” Tappateci above, you will be taken to the menu Wireless and mobile networks, from which you can choose the default app for text messages. You can select the default of your smartphone or any other app to manage the SMS on your Android.
Nothing could be simpler.
Well, I guess that’s all. together We have seen how to disable and remove the message from the new Google Hangouts 2.0 for Android.