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[Guide] Dual ROM Boot with Siyah Kernel Samsung [SGS2]

[Guide] Dual ROM Boot with Siyah Kernel Samsung [SGS2]

Pre Requirement

  • A two hands and brain
  • A Samsung galaxy S II Rooted
  • Have an Official ROM or Custom ICS 4.0
  • The kernel Siyah 3.1 Siyah Kernel 3.1 RC6
  • This kernel is compatible with CM9 ROMs, MIUI and SAMSUNG!


  • All ROMS:
  • Official
  • CM9
  • MIUI

Follow These steps to Make This Possible:-

1- Make a full backup via the “Backup” option in Recovery

2- Install 3.1 Siyah kernel via the option “Install zip from sdcard” and restart the Sgs2

3- Now Go to the “dual-boot options”

4- Use the “Clone primary to secondary ROM” option and wait a few minuets.
ROM that was in place will now be as a second OS

5- Installation of OS1
do a wipe DATA,
CACHE and a wipe DALVIK (As usual when changing Rom) and then using the option “Install zip from sdcard” to install the new ROM.

6- If by chance the new ROM does not have the Siyah kernel, do not panic, simply install it via the “install zip from sdcard” option.

7- Last thing, if you were too fast, and the ROM restarts with the original kernel, do not worry, the ROM starts and ignores the dual boot because the kernel is not compatible, it is normal and no danger. Simply restart the Recovery and install the kernel. The operation carried out before remained in memory, no need to start over.


Just to start the phone when the message appears to support dual boot in the following on volume down or home to start OS2 3sec.

Default: It starts ROM 1
If you press volume down: It starts the ROM 2

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