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Give A New Look To Your Phone With Android Themer

Themer of MyColorScreen: coming in the final app for customizing Android?

 Screenshot 2013 09 06 at 10:46:23 620x422 Install themes on Android and personalize your smartphone with Android Themer

Do you want to customize your Android smartphone? Do you want to change the theme to your Android device? Do you want to fully customize your Android but do not know how to do?

No problem,Themer is coming  , the ultimate app to customize every aspect of your Android smartphone in an easy, fast, immediate and intuitive . Let’s see what it is and how it works Themer for Android. 

Themer application for Android is not yet available , but it should arrive very soon on Play Store. In essence,  Themer allow the application of a simple click of beautiful themes to our Android devices, without the need for the  ROOT rights .

Themer is developed from the site  MyColorScreen , which, for the uninitiated, is one of the most popular and well-known internet sites regarding the customization of Android smartphones. Within the portal, in fact, users can upload and share their homescreen of Android, explaining step by step how they did to get the final result, linking also used the app and possibly the widgets and customizations implemented.

Customize with icons and themes Android Themer

To date, however, only the most skilled users were able to go on the site MyColorScreen, finding the right style and play exactly on your smartphone, because, as we have said, the styles are often difficult to reproduce or missing files needed to achieve the same final effect.

From now on, however, to more fully customize your Android smartphone in every single aspect is no longer a problem, thanks to the program Themer. This software, in fact, will be able to completely transform your Android device, changing the theme, icons, launcher, and much more, all in an easy, fast and automatic. You just choose the new graphics, the program does the rest automatically.

So, how about a program that  with one click will allow you to apply many themes to your Android smartphone?  That is the purpose of Themer, which will soon be released in beta for all users. It is currently available only for a video, we hope to be able to test this promising software as soon as possible.

Remember that if you really can not wait for the release of this software, you can try the program Buzz Launcher, which works more or less the same. 

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