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Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge six tips to improve battery life


1. Enable the “Automatic brightness” mode of the screen

To enable automatic brightness, you only need to go in fast settings and check “Auto.” To win more autonomy without compromising display quality, you can adjust

2. Disable Google Now

To turn off Google Now, you simply:

  • Launch the Google application
  • Click the left button in the search bar to open the menu
  • Select the option “Settings”
  • Select the option “Maps Now”
  • Uncheck the “Show Maps” to totally disable Google Now or simply disable the “Show notifications for updates cards.”

3. Turn off synchronization for Google services

Although very practical, Google Sync Services is enough energy, especially if you have multiple Google accounts on the same phone. Especially as some services do not need to be constantly activated. Here’s how to disable them.

  • Go to the menu Settings> Accounts on your phone
  • Select your Google Account
  • Click the email address from your account to display the list of services
  • Uncheck the services you deem unnecessary to disable

4. Ability to manage localization options

Android smartphones use multiple location options:

  • The high accuracy mode that uses both the GPS, WiFi and the mobile network to determine your location
  • The “economy” mode which only uses Wi-Fi and GPS
  • The GPS-only mode, which as its name suggests, only uses GPS and remains the most economical of the three modes.

To activate the GPS mode:

  • Go to the menu Settings> Location of your phone
  • Select “Location Method”
  • Select the mode “GPS only”

5. Disable the “Smart Network Switch”

Present on most Samsung smartphones, the Smart Network Switch function allows you to switch automatically to the mobile network when the WiFi connection is slower. Obviously, it can be handy when you are trying to surf the web or download files but also a disaster for the battery, plus the number of mobile data you spend more.

Here’s how to disable this option:

  • Go to the menu Settings> Wifi
  • Click the “More” button at the top right
  • Select the Smart Network Switch option and disable it there

6. Disable native applications

Thanks to optimization work carried out within the overcoat house Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge equip themselves with a lighter version of TouchWiz. Some applications are still preinstalled including S Voice and Microsoft services, but fortunately it is possible to disable them if you do not use them.

To disable a native application  :

  • See you in the application drawer and click the “Edit” button at the top right
  • The display changes to a “-” button appears on the icons of applications that can be disabled
  • Click the “-” button and follow the instructions on the screen
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