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Galaxy S5 With 10.7Gb free space for user

Galaxy S5 offers 10.7Gb free space for user

This is quite a standard step of the manufacturer, when the device is filled with content specifically to show the features of the device buyers that once again caused confusion around the Galaxy S5. In fact, without additional flagship photo and video materials offers the user 10.7Gb free space of 16GB. So the optimization of internal memory in Galaxy S5 is all very well and probably already on sale S5 appears with even more available internal memory.

Of course, this is not the amount of free internal memory that is available generally to devices on the Nexus-katabatic Android. However, ultimately, we get a compromise, as Galaxy S5 has a lot of additional useful features that you will not see on other devices.

But do not forget that the Galaxy S5 also has a slot for MicroSD cards and have the ability to move applications from internal memory to an external card. This variant on the katabatic Android is not provided because all questions regarding the available memory on the Galaxy S5 should fall off by themselves

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