Free memory on your Android with Clean Master

Want to keep your Android clean to free up memory and improve performance? If the answer is yes,Clean Master is the ideal tool for you. Here we have more details.

Clean Master

Master Clean is a complete solution to clean the cache, files that do not use, residual files, search history, uninstall apps and more! Also, you can “kill” tasks and free up RAM to improve performance and save battery device without having to have root permissions.

    • Clean Master is a great tool to keep your device clean and free up memory and improve performance of the smartphone. Between the major modules of this application are:
    • Clear History: This will help you clear caches and residual files easily with one click. On Android devices, the cache files and waste accumulate and may occupy several hundred megabytes or even GBs. However, that will not be a problem with Clean Master as it incorporates an excellent cleanser and residual cache file to keep clean the phone.

Clean Master-3 Clean Master-4

  • Privacy: The is a very important aspect for all mobile users. In our smartphones have all our personal data, SMS / MMS, web data browser, Google search history and many other things. Clean Master incorporates a module to delete messages, delete browser data, clipboard data and history of many other applications as WeChat, WhatsApp, Spotify, Pinterest, LINE, etc. in just one click.
  • Task Killer: The tasks that run in the background not only consume RAM but also wasting the battery.With this app you can “kill” the processes that are running futilely to free more RAM and accelerate the device.
  • Application Manager: Through this module can uninstall and make back-ups of applications. Clean Master provides an excellent tool to uninstall apps and back up the content you want with a single click.

In fact, Clean Master is a great tool that will help keep your phone clean from unwanted files and allow you to improve the performance and battery life of your mobile. This app can be downloaded for free from Google Play, has an average score of 4.7 and is compatible with all devices with Android 2.1 or higher.

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