Concept bracelet Samsung S-Health-based Tizen OS

Some people will seriously think about their own health and Galaxy S4 now doing it has become much easier as the flagship has enormous possibilities thanks to the options S-Heath. There are also a range of additional accessories for empowerment, but why don’t we dream and don’t look at the new Samsung S bracelet-concept Health?

The device you see here is the concept of the bracelet Samsung S-Health, created by designers Rebie Gutierrez and Sanjaya Kanishka, and running this accessory Tizen-based OS. This bracelet allows you to monitor the health of your body and health, as well as extends the functionality of the phone. He is running on a platform of Tizen and can show the body temperature, room temperature, blood glucose levels, blood pressure and several other parameters.

This electronic bracelet to your wrist is made from flexible material, prorezinennogo and also has a flexible OLED screen Samsung Youm. Samsung S Health bracelet has a 3.2-inch widescreen display, OLED Youm 28 nm, dual-core processor slot for MicroSIM card, heart rate sensor, Gluco-meter, barometer and headphone jack. It also has a nano coating on the back of the piezoelectric ignition and 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged from the blood pressure.