Cerberus anti theft a total anti theft app for android

Cerberus anti theft
Cerberus anti theft

There are two ways to control Cerberus remotely. You can login on the website www.cerberusamicom or you can control the application via text messages. A list of all available commands has been sent to your email address. Some of Cerberus features (uninstall protection, remote wipe, lock with password) are available only if you allow it to be a device administrator. You can do that by pressing enable admin device button:
You can also make Cerberus activate automatically if your device is used with an unauthorized SIM card. To configure that press the following button.
Millchecker configuration
If you have root access, you can give Cerberus superuser permission. This will be used for root-only features, like screenshot capture.

What’s New

Fix the “Error=QuotaExceeded” issue. The final 2.4 version will be published in a couple of weeks, with the full changelog.

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