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HTC One dual boot: switching between Android 4.3 and HTC Sense 5

Today is possible thanks to MoDaCo Switch , a tool-Dual Boot-enabling operating system change just by restarting the computer. In addition, the applications installed on the two versions are visible under custom system uproot you choose. Since being put on sale version of the HTC Google Edition One, developers have sought ways to …

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Officially announced HTC One in a red body

A few days ago appeared on the network renderings of the smart phone HTC One in a red case , and that the official announcement of the device does not have to wait long. HTC has officially confirmed a new case color smart phone One, in addition to the current …

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New photos of HTC One Mini

The new smaller version of the flagship smart phone on Android HTC One, which is called the HTC One Mini, a smaller diagonal screen and less powerful technical “stuffing.” The official announcement of the new items to be held in the third quarter. The estimated unit price of about $ …

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HTC First dead?

About two months ago, Facebook’s alliance with HTC unveiled the first smartphone with a shell Facebook First Home , which is built on Android. From the beginning, all the experts and analysts negative perception towards the new device, and it seems that he was overtaken by the sad fate. reported that the U.S. mobile …

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HTC Glamour Red One: The first images and a hands-on video

So far the new color Red Glamour of ‘ HTC One were available only render some officers who certainly could not accurately depict the shape of the smartphone in this new color. Thanks to BestBoyZ you can see live this new color in many images and a hands-on video . Here are the first live photos of ‘ HTC One …

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