Candy Crush Saga Cheats

Candy Crush Saga Cheats
Candy Crush Saga Cheats

Method for all devices

This method is to restore the number of lives available. In what way? Simple, once they have exhausted your lives you can just exit the application, carry forward the clock of 3-4 hours  on the device and start the game again. As if by magic, your lives will be available again! After that, exit the application and set the clock to the correct time.

Method for iOS

First, it is necessary that your device is jailbrekkato . Download the application iFunBox  for PC and Mac and install it, then download from here  saving changes. Now connect your device to your PC or Mac, launch iFunBox and go in the game folder, specifically in ” Candy Crush / Documents “, and move the file here”save_0.dat “that you just downloaded. Save everything, start the application and here you can enjoy countless hearts and lollipops !

Method for Android

First of all, Candy Crush Saga uninstalled from your device, if you have connected the game to your Facebook account, you must delete it from there too in this way: from PCs you log in to Facebook, go to ” Settings “, go to” Applications , “select” Candy Crush Saga “and click” Remove Application “. After doing all this, downloaded from here the modified application, install it, log on facebook and enjoy all the new benefits!

Updated September 5, 2013

Has recently released the update to version 1.16.0,  therefore we propose the application of the apk modded.Uninstall the current version, downloaded from here and continue with the game levels! In this mod you can just make a move to get all the points needed to exceed the levels that we face.

Updated December 13, 2013

During the upgrade to version 1.21.0 , we propose its own modded the game to the version in question. You just have to download that from here the apk file, install it and you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Infinite Lives;
  • Moves invalid unlocked;
  • Semi-unlimited moves (moves invalid will not be counted);
  • Maximum score;
  • All levels unlocked;
  • All episodes unlocked.

regarding the version for iOS ‘ll short posting the appropriate method.