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Best Aternative to Android SwiftKey


I never thought to replace an app as perfect as the Swift. Constant updates, prediction fantastic ability to write with the “Swype”, synchronization devices and so on … But I was really convinced TouchPal and today I want to convince you to give it a chance. We list the main features:

  • TouchPal Curve , gestural commands of the words: similar, if not identical, to the Swype classic.
  • Wave movements of the fingers to write sentences: for each letter entered, TouchPal will offer more predictions. In case you found the word you were to write the word you just drag down the keyboard and write it for you.
  • Prediction, correcting typos and spelling, capitalization automatic.
  • Swipe up on a letter will return the letter shift, Swipe-down will return the number / symbol assigned to that letter. This excellent feature that speeds up the writing and not just on mobile.
  • Ability to manage own dictionary , which to me is the most interesting and useful features. E’davvero great that the keyboard correga written as a “cynogenmod” in “CyanogenMod” or, why not, “chimerarev” in “ChimeraRevo”: D
  • TouchPal Android Market , where you can download skins for the keyboard and languages.

Less, compared to SwiftKey, lost only in the prediction (where the SwiftKey reigns supreme). Until a week ago there was a chance, however, to save in the cloud their dictionary. Now, however, with an annual payment of $ 3.99 (now on offer at $ 2.99, € 2.17 exchange rate) is possible . Simply download a Plugin (link at the bottom of the article) offered by the developers of their TouchPal, and the settings to activate the Premium (access via G+).

I leave you with the video of the 2 keyboards, downloads and links to subscribe to TouchPal.

X TouchPal Keyboard (Video)

SwiftKey (Video)

DOWNLOAD  | SwifKey Trial

DOWNLOAD  | SwiftKey

DOWNLOAD  | X TouchPal Keyboard

DOWNLOAD  |  TB Billing Plugin

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