Battleloot Adventure – popular RPG game available for Windows Phone 8

Another popular game is already present in iOS and Android has just come to Windows Phone: Battleloot Adventure is a turn-based RPG that will no doubt hold it (even more lol) on your smartphone!

In one land where the only thing greater than the heart of a hero is his head (literally), Battleloot Adventure creatively blends comedy, turn-based combat and RPG for an adventure freak like no other! Battleloot Adventure will take you on an epic journey to the heart of Kameloot a rich kingdom threatened by monsters cruelly ill-tempered, ruthless mercenaries, dragons that breathe fire and last but not least, taxes irritating!

Swear allegiance to his legendary city of choice, enlisting a heterogeneous group of adventurers and battle rival soldiers, magical entities, wondrous creatures and big, ugly, foul-smelling Orcs. Mix and match the skills of his gang and spells to unlock exciting adventures and totally awesome weapons and equipment!

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Missions and epic battles

– Face more than 60 missions, each including one made ​​only to further challenge your skills
– Controls touch super easy
– Organize carefully your team into battle, implant their heroes on the front line and back to balance attack / defense more effective
– Carefully plan each attack, the selection of characters and correct movements for each mission
– Be ready to act at any time in battle
– Dominate unique combos to rack up hits and collect stars to unleash special attacks
– Battle in different environments – some full of magic and each affecting their adventurous way different
Beautiful graphics and hand-drawn

– Enjoy colorful graphics comic style, combining animations and hand-painted backgrounds lush

Available free on WPStore long limited to celebrate the launch, then run to download

To download the game just access the Windows Phone Store ,