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Android Star Wars Force Collection Use the Force to get the best cards


Star Wars license is no stranger to video games, but at the same time we can not say that Android can find many examples. Fortunately, the galactic saga fans are in luck with the departure of Force Collection, a title of a genus of very simple looking but complex operation. card games These games are based on the confrontation between the statistics various letters in battles in which raw a good strategy and, why not say, a bit of the “Force”.

Thus, although Force Collection has a story loosely based on the movies, actually follows his own path. We are not in an action game in which we go knocking stormtroopers, but that does not mean it’s not exciting. That’s the extent of strategy means that every action (eg, attack an enemy by clicking on it) we run costs about points , which are automatically recharged every minute.


As we move through history, we will be getting more and more cards, each with its own characteristics. Sooner or later we will have to get into big battles, called “training” because you’ll use more character cards,   these cards serve as soldiers or as members of a group in an RPGeither. The elements of role does not stop there as they also gain experience with each battle you can use to level up.

Star Wars Force Collection is a game that relies heavily on obtaining the best possible cardsaccording to your stats and choosing the right strategy before the battle, as once stuck in it can not do much. Although the game is free, as you can suspect using micropayments to buy rare cards envelopes to help us advance the story, but will get one if input completed the prologue. Older fans of the series will be glad to see both the most famous people and those less known or secondary.

Star Wars Force Collection is now available on Google Play.

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