Android: Joining Hands 2 great and vibrant game


Do you need crazy challenge games? Here is Joining Hands 2, a fascinating game found on the Play Store for Google Android platform. The protagonists of this journey is the Peablins, you have to try to unite their similar overcome the many levels.

We are on a stage full of bubbles and will be present in some small and nice colored balls. Your task is to move them so that they become a single group. Peablin Each will have the arms and the availability of the latter will represent the number of friends with whom you can bind.
In the missions, also, you can not position yourself in any area, but you should try to occupy mainly the bubbles that contain the stars. Exploring new worlds the game will change, for example, there will be no need to invade the sphere of ‘ element with five points , but you have to surround the star to conquer.
The Peablin will not all be the same, but will sport a different aesthetic and also of different abilities. Among the many characters we find, for example, the rate of the village which can move in any bubble and also use his beard as a bond.
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