Android Jelly Bean to BlackBerry 10

Blackberry 10 Android

Today, large companies engaged in the world of technology , it seems we are accustomed to exceed their limits and take their products to other brands. Such is the case of Android , the operating system that extends the boundaries of their version Jelly Bean to bring it to BlackBerry 10.

As you read, the Jelly Bean Android 4.2.2 hit the BlackBerry Runtime 10.2.1 .An update will feature hardware acceleration and a performance that will make Android applications running on BlackBerry in different ways.

Among other things, it will have native support for Android. This means that Android applications that use shared libraries written in native code, now also be used in BlackBerry 10 . And with Jelly Bean Android BlackBerry 10 may be:

– The  Android applications  with  Android Bluetooth API  run on BlackBerry 10 .

– Programs that use  View  Google Map API v1  maps now support  Open Street Maps .

– Those  Android applications  that are registered under participation Android enable sharing objectives in the  action menu of BlackBerry 10.