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Active Launcher An Alternative OF Google Now


We know how important it is Google Now in the future of Android, while the Nexus 5, and brought the version of Google Now Launcher with which we have access to the wizard and your cards at all times since the first desktop screen. Gradually, they have indo incorporating new features and cards to Now, making it a more useful tool.

If you like their aesthetic, you must know Active Launcher , a new layer of customization project that the entire system based on Google Now . This launcher is the rest distance seen so far because it has not desks itself, but everything shown in the form of cards.

Basically find access to the clock, calendar, web browser, the Apps Messaging, Phone Dialer, Contacts, and point to enter all other installed applications have to go to Drawer or application drawer from the bottom. As a first version, there we will see both Apps and other system functions, so it is a little confusing but the developer promises to fix it soon.

100% Google Now

active launcher caps

Of course, being a sticker on Google Now you can not miss the search bar at the top, has Inmersive and leave mode to fit into virtual buttons in case your phone has them.This first beta 1.0 is not much more and is quite limited, but future updates will include the use desktops (where Google Now will be the first one) and better integration of the drawer.

Active Launcher is not available on Google Play, so if you want to download and you have a smartphone with Android 4.4 KitKat can do it from the official thread on XDA Developers , that’s where its creator will releasing updates and where you can leave suggestions for improves.

Download Active Launcher 1.0 

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