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5 Tricks To Interact More With Your Samsung Galaxy S3

5 Tricks to interact more with your Samsung Galaxy S3

These five tips will allow you to interact more easily with your Samsung Galaxy S3

Smart Stay
The famous Smart Stay the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the function that turns off the screen when it detects that you have left to focus your attention on it. It is very important you customize this function well and that you can be for people who like to read in the Smartphone. In Settings / Display System will find the options to activate and how long to wait before declining Smartphone screen light. You know you have activated the option as it will leave an icon in the notification bar.

Notification LED
LED notifications, as its name suggests, notifies you of activity Smartphone without you unlock the screen or access the application. Thus, incoming calls, SMS, activity of your Twitter, WhatsApp or Play Store notifies you without you having to act to answer calls or enter the App To activate go to: Settings / LED.

Face unlock – Face Unlock
Something quite innovative Samsung Galaxy S3 is the options menu to unlock. Of these our favorite is Face Unlock. Go to the settings menu and Safety follow the steps that tell you to personalize your unlock. It’s easy, put some photos that will facial recognition and say the words that will unlock the terminal. The Smartphone ask you to do an unlock pattern if it fails the first option you have chosen.

The screenshot is a highly entertaining feature that allows us to share content that we see in our device, useful, for example, Instragram not sharing photos of other users. The particular Samsung Galaxy S3 to capture screen images very easily.

Posa the side of your hand out on the screen and then pass it from left to right, or vice versa. You will spend an image as when you’re scanning something on the computer, this means that the screen has been captured and a copy of the image is already stored in the images folder.

Take pictures with voice command
Something very special is to see that Samsung Galaxy is a very sensitive device voice commands and motion. Activate the voice command to take photos is very simple, go to the settings menu, open the application from the active camera and the command you want to take the photo, can be, for example, “Shoot.”

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