Xiaomi’s new 8K TVs Will Arrive with 5G Modem

Xiaomi's new 8K TVs

The wide range of televisions that Xiaomi has is about to grow. Although a few weeks ago we discovered two new models with 8K and 4K resolutions, today we bring you news about these.

Apparently, these two new models that would reach 82 inches will integrate 5G modem inside in order to offer a more stable and high-speed connection.

And it is that surprising as it may seem, in China 5G is in a phase of deployment much more advanced than in Europe, offering a higher and more stable speed than that given by a WiFi connection.

As for the rest, we know little else about these two new televisions except their size, which will be 82 inches, one of them offering a 4K resolution and the other 8K.

Likewise, it is to be expected that these two televisions will only be launched in China, since as we said, in Europe 5G connectivity is still found in very few places.

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