Xiaomi ZMI 10W Power Bank With Nice Design

Xiaomi ZMI 10W Power Bank
Xiaomi ZMI 10W Power Bank

When we talk about ZMI we are talking about quality products that have the approval of Xiaomi. This brand focused on accessories for our daily life has extensive experience in the development of power banks that try to go further by offering an attractive design.

We had previously analyzed any of these gadgets, but this time ZMI has put on sale in Youpin a new model that as the main feature It incorporates wireless charging with a power of 10W that is activated just by posing our smartphone.

In other models of the Xiaomi itself that have this type of Qi charge, it is necessary to previously turn on the power bank to activate this function. While for cable charging we just have to plug in our device.

Charge up to 10W of power to your Xiaomi smartphone with this ZMI power bank

If you are familiar with wireless charging you will be with me that it is a nuisance to have to previously turn on the power bank and more when we are used to putting our smartphone on the charging base and forgetting about it.

But this ZMI power bank does not stop there. It is capable of charging up to three devices (2 per cable + 1 per Qi) offering a total power of up to 22.5W per USB interface and 10W wirelessly. To charge its 10000 mAh of autonomy it accepts up to 18W power for your cargo.

It should be noted that the 10W of wireless charging power is only supported for Xiaomi smartphones: Mi 9, Mi 10, and Mi 10 Pro. The rest of terminals compatible with wireless charging are limited to 7.5W.

Price and availability

The ZMI power bank is now on sale at Youpin priced at 149 yuan, 19 euros To the change. A cheap external battery that we will be able to acquire soon through our favorite reseller.

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