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Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones are able to run in desktop mode when connected to a monitor or display. Motorola and other brands have followed suit by releasing software for their phones that allows them to run in desktop mode as well. For example, Motorola has created its own software called Ready that makes it possible for Motorola smartphones to act like computers when docked with a monitor and keyboard.


Ready For allows Motorola smartphone users to use their phones like a tablet when connected to a display. Whether it’s work-related tasks or simply gaming around, you can do all of your homework on your Motorola smartphone on a big screen without having to buy an additional big-screen tablet to do all of those tasks. Ready For even works fine for placing video calls, streaming movies, and almost anything else you’d like to do!

However, the issue with Ready For is that not all Motorola Smartphones can use this feature. Although this might be a shame considering that Motorola has a large number of smartphones in the low to middle-budget range, there is now a workaround that you can follow to get Ready For working on your Non non-compatible Motorola smartphone.

How to Use Motorola Ready For on any Motorola Smartphone

Before we dive into the steps you’ll need to set up this feature on your phone, let’s take a look at the devices that already support it and the types of connectivity options available to Motorola phones.

Motorola Smartphones that officially Support Ready For

The following list includes all the officially supported Motorola smartphones that are compatible with Ready For. Whether they work wired, wirelessly, or directly with a Windows PC, these devices are listed below.

  • Motorola Edge+ 2023
  • Motorola Edge 20
  • Motorola Edge 20 Lite
  • Motorola Edge 20 Pro
  • Motorola Edge 2021
  • Motorola Edge 2022
  • Motorola Edge 30
  • Motorola Edge 30 Fusion
  • Motorola Edge 30 Neo
  • Motorola Edge 30 Pro
  • Motorola Edge 30 Ultra
  • Motorola Edge 40
  • Motorola Edge 40 Pro
  • Motorola Edge+ 2020
  • Motorola Edge+ 2022
  • Motorola G100
  • Motorola G200 5G
  • Motorola Razr 2022
  • Motorola Razr 40
  • Motorola Razr 40 Ultra
  • Motorola Razr+ 2023
  • ThinkPhone by Motorola

A large number of Motorola G series models have been omitted from this list. However, if you have the following Motorola smartphones, you can follow this guide to use Ready For PC without the need to root your Motorola smartphone.

  • Motorola G62
  • Motorola G71
  • Motorola G72
  • Motorola G73
  • Motorola G82

Thanks to Twitter user @Demon9060 for sharing this workaround for Moto G-series phones running on Android 13. The link below leads to a step-by-step video tutorial.

Download the Ready For App on your Motorola Smartphone

Android devices that do not officially support the Ready For app will not have it installed on your smartphone and you will not be able to find it on the Google Play Store. However, Android lets you sideload apps, so we will have to first download the Ready For APK file. Follow these steps:

Note: Your Motorola smartphone needs to run on Android 13 or newer in order for Ready For to work properly.

Download the Ready For App on your Motorola

  1. Open your preferred browser on your Motorola smartphone.
  2. Now, visit the APK Mirror website by clicking this link or by searching for it with Google.
  3. Install the latest available version of Ready For onto your Motorola smartphone.
  4. After downloading the app, tap on the Download Complete notification to install it.
  5. Alternatively, you can install an application by opening the File Manager app on your Motorola smartphone and navigating to its directory in Downloaded.

Now that you’ve got the app on your phone, we need to install the Ready For app on your Windows-powered PC.

Download The Ready For Assistant App On Your Windows PC

The only way to use Ready For with select Motorola smartphones is by using it with your PC. To do that, you need to download the Ready For app. Here are the steps:

  1. To start, go to the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer.
  2. If you don’t see the search bar, try pressing the Alt+down arrow.
  3. Go to Google and search for Ready For Assistant.
  4. You can find the Ready For Assistant app by searching for it on Google Play. The app was created by Lenovo, who acquired Motorola Mobility in 2014.
  5. Once you have downloaded the app from the online store, click on Install.

The ReadyFor app allows you to read your Motorola phone’s notifications on your PC, and even respond to them. The app also works the other way around so that you can receive notifications and text messages on your Windows PC.

Setup And Use Ready For On Your Motorola Smartphone

The first step is to turn on your Motorola smartphone and make sure that it’s connected to the same wireless network as your PC.

  1. Great! Now open the Ready For Assistant app on your Windows PC.
  2. Please allow the app to use your location services to scan your surroundings and provide higher-accuracy search results.
  3. This is required for me to display the QR code as accurately as possible.
  4. To begin using the app, tap the scanner icon at the top right corner of its main screen.
  5. Simply scan the QR code displayed on your Windows PC with your Motorola smartphone to transfer files.
  6. Be sure to review and make any necessary adjustments.
  7. Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to use Ready For on your Windows PC with your Motorola smartphone.
  8. The phone’s display appears on your computer, so you can use all of the apps on your phone from your PC as if they were installed there.

That’s the end of our guide on how to use the Ready for feature on your non-supported Motorola smartphone. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.


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