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How to Subscribe to Twitch Channels for Free (Updated Method)

Subscribe to Twitch Channels

Twitch is today the number one streaming entertainment platform where users are the content creators themselves. Unlike services like Netflix, Disney+, or HBO Max, behind the streamers there are no big production companies or sponsors (except for Ibai and others, but those are special cases), so to continue creating the content that entertains their community they depend purely from your audience.

Thus, the main economic support of the vast majority of streamers on Twitch is the paid subscriptions that their viewers give them, and to a lesser extent donations and ads. These subscriptions don’t really return anything of value to the viewer, other than the feeling of supporting their favorite streamer. So if you’re not subscribed to the channels of all the streamers you love, know you’re not missing out.

However, if you want to subscribe to one or two specific channels and you don’t have money for it, here we bring you a trick to subscribe to Twitch channels for free. It consists of using the free Twitch Prime subscription, even if you do not have Amazon Prime or a credit card. From now on we anticipate that it is nothing illegal, but it is a method that can stop working overnight. Let’s see it…

Get Twitch Prime without paying Amazon Prime to subscribe to free Twitch channels

We clarify that the method that you will see below has nothing illegal since it basically consists of taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the system. That means it’s something Amazon knows you can do, but hopes you won’t do it abusively. So please, only use this method to get one or two free subscriptions, not much more.

Keep in mind that if you abuse the system, Amazon will soon take action to stop people from getting free Twitch subscriptions. Clarified this point, let’s see the steps to get totally free Twitch Prime subscriptions without paying Amazon Prime.

How to subscribe for free on Twitch without paying Amazon Prime

The first thing you should do is install a VPN on the mobile or PC where you are going to follow this tutorial that allows you to change your IP to a German one. I’ll do it with the ZenMate browser extension. You can use any other free VPN you prefer. Once you have the VPN, follow these steps:

Create a new Twitch account with a cloned email

  • Activate the VPN and set Germany as the country.
  • Open the Twitch. tv page and log out to sign out of your account (as this method can get you banned).
  • Then, tap on the Sign-Up button.
  • Enter all the details of the account you are going to create.
    • You don’t need to create a new email just for this. All messages from the emails you create with this method will arrive in the inbox of the original email.
  • After registering, you have to go to the mail to verify the new Twitch account created using the code that will be sent to you .

Sign up for Amazon Germany with the cloned email and fake data

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