How To Remove Bloatware With Lucky Patcher

Remove bloatware With Lucky Patcher

Remove bloatware with Lucky Patcher to avoid having pre-installed apps. It happens less frequently, but it’s very annoying to see how manufacturers fill their phones with pre-installed apps.

In the meantime, the user must endure, without the possibility of eliminating many of those applications that he will probably never use in his life. At least, there is no official method for doing this, but there is a way to remove bloatware with Lucky Patcher.

Bloatware, for those unfamiliar with it, does not concern apps that provide minimal functionality to the software, such as the gallery, the camera, a file browser, etc.

When we treat this term, we usually mean those programs that occupy a large number of resources on the device, without adding value to the software. Rather, they weigh down the interface experience.

Why is there bloatware on my phone?

The answer is very easy to understand, it is because most of these apps are designed by third-party companies, so it is no coincidence that they are there as advertisements for a particular company.

Therefore, mobile device manufacturers are looking for additional profitability in addition to selling the phone. These companies pay to include their apps in the interface on a fixed basis, with great collaborations that usually earn a lot of money.

How to remove bloatware with Lucky Patcher

Fortunately, we have Lucky Patcher, an app that allows us to eliminate all those programs that we would not like to have installed in our software and on our phone.

Currently, it is much easier to do than it used to be since it initially required root permissions for proper deletion. This is no longer necessary, so download the APK from your browser.

  • Download the program from the page that developed it, you need to select an option before installing the app. Otherwise, it will not be implemented correctly.
  • We will see a  pop-up window of Play Protect, which prevents the installation of Lucky Patcher, even if clicking on “Details”, in which another button called “Install anyway” will be displayed.
  • Once inside, we are shown all the apps on the device. Each of them is classified by a color, which determines the degree of difficulty in uninstalling, although we should not pay close attention to this.
  • To remove apps from the system, click on the magnifying glass at the top right, then click on “Filters” and select “System Applications”.
  • We navigate through the menu until we find the app in question and delete it. It must be said that this process will not be reversible later.
  • Finally, by clicking on “Disable package (block)”. It has already been disabled by the system, although it continues to appear on the interface. Of course, this step is only available for root users.


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