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How To Enable Dark Theme in MIUI?

dark theme in MIUI

If you like to flip through the news feed in the evening and notice that your eyes are starting to hurt from the bright white light, then it’s time to think about turning on the dark theme in MIUI. Find out how to do this on the Android +1 website!

What is Global Dark Mode on MIUI 12?

The global dark mode is a new feature in Android 10. Unlike traditional dark mode or night mode in MIUI 11, which only offers a partial dark mode, the global dark mode includes a dark theme that applies to all system settings and all applications. supporting dark mode without having to enable the dark mode function in the app one by one. That is, as soon as the global dark mode is activated, almost all applications on your phone, including third-party ones, will turn dark.

Which Xiaomi phones support Global Dark Mode?

All Xiaomi phones running MIUI 12 or newer, with Android 10 or higher.

How to enable Global Dark Mode on Xiaomi phones with MIUI 12?

If your Xiaomi phones got the MIUI 12 update based on Android 10, it’s very easy for you to install the system-wide dark mode feature. Just follow these steps:

  • Step 1.   Go to ” Settings “
  • Step 2.   Click ” Screen “
  • Step 3.   Select on ” Dark Mode “
  • Step 4.  Turn on the ” Dark mode ” option, or activate ” On schedule ” if you want the dark mode to turn on at a specified time.

Note. Global dark mode can be applied to most third-party applications such as Twitter, Instagram, but there are also some applications that do not support dark mode, but they can be forced into dark mode!

How do I force MIUI to turn on the dark theme?

  • All in the same place in the settings, ” Settings “> ” Display “> ” Dark mode ” there is an option “separate applications” (if it is not there, forcibly turn on the dark mode)
  • Turn on dark mode for those apps that don’t have a dark theme yet.

That’s all!

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