One of the most common accidents in the use of PCs is to suddenly find yourself with entire damaged partitions on your Hard Disk or, in extreme cases, it is practically impossible to access our operating system. This can be the consequence of various problems related to sudden power surges or damage caused by viruses taken accidentally! If the system is still accessible, Recoverit, a well-known tool created by the folks at Wondershare, can help.

In fact, Recoverit allows us to thoroughly analyze our HD and can independently identify the deleted or hidden partition. It is not the first time that we have talked about it, and indeed we have mentioned it among the best methods to recover a Windows partition. However, in this article, we show it in detail to understand how to use it step by step.

Recoverit: download and install

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The download, installation, and use of this program are really a breeze, and so before showing you how it works I suggest you get on with the work and go to the official page to start downloading the installation package for the free trial. For greater simplicity we leave you below the  links to the  Recoverit download for both Windows PC and Mac:

The download process is very simple: you have two buttons available, depending on the operating system of your PC. In this way you will have immediate access to the free trial to familiarize yourself with the interface and to decide, in this case, to purchase a license or not.

download and install

When the download is complete (the computer will quickly download a small package) you can click on it to let the installation begin. The installation will take no more than a couple of minutes, and at the end, Recoverit will be launched immediately to be ready to find lost/damaged data. So let’s conclude this paragraph for now and let’s get familiar with the interface and its features!

How Recoverit works: functionality and practical tests

The Recoverit initial screen is simple, minimal, and immediate: the one that opens in front of you is a page similar to the one you see in the image below, where the software collects all the partitions and the various folders in some main macro-categories of your computer (and not only):

How Recoverit works

Devices and partitions are also divided according to the type of media: Recoverit can recover files from hard drives and SSDs, memory cards, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, cameras, external hard drives, or any portable storage media not.

The file recovery process takes place in three simple steps: all we have to do is select a storage medium from those on the main screen, click ” Start ” at the bottom right to start scanning the partition, and finally select the files (among those found) that you want to recover by selecting a destination folder.

three simple steps

Obviously, if you need to recover entire hard disks, the scanning process will take longer and proportional to the size of the disk. At the end of the scan, Recoverit suggests us to recover these files immediately, to prevent them from being overwritten while using the PC.

The software also integrates a viewer since it is possible to scroll through each file and, if possible, display a preview. This of course especially applies to photos and videos, but spreadsheets are also not excluded. If the preview is not available, do not despair: this does not mean that the file is damaged or irreparable, and indeed we advise you to try to recover it anyway!

recover it anyway

What if the disk on which we would like to recover the files does not appear? In this regard, Recoverit has written a guide on how to recover data from an undetected external hard drive, which we recommend that you take a look to try to solve this type of problem as well. The same is true if you are trying to recover files from an uninitialized disk.

Other features of Recoverit

In addition to recovering data from external hard drives and other types of media, Recoverit offers some advanced recovery features that make it an “ all-in-one ” program useful for different purposes. Among these features we find the possibility to create a PC restore point, the repair of corrupt video files, and the ” advanced video recovery ” with which it is possible to perform a deep scan of the disk in search of a particular video file (based on the format ).

On the compatibility side, Recoverit can scan all types of formats with over 1000 file types and formats, including images, videos, PDF documents, Word / Excel files, emails, Office files, zip archives, and more. Now let’s see how to try to recover a blocked PC


In practice, if one of your computers does not start, you can use another to create a boot file (via a USB key) that will allow you to start the blocked PC to recover all your files. To do this, all we have to do is select – from the main screen – the item ” Recovery from a locked computer “. By doing so we can use, for example, a USB key to be inserted into the blocked PC to be able to start it and recover all our files from it.

By doing so in a few steps you will be able to create an external media that you can use when your PC is no longer able to start for various reasons (software).

Price and final considerations

So as you have seen, Recoverit is a very versatile software that we can only recommend to all our users, especially those who work on the PC every day and handle many types of files. Above all, keep in mind the recovery features from many devices and support for practically any format, as well as the possibility of recovering data from a locked PC.

As for the price, which you find on the page dedicated to Wondershare Recoverit, clearly, the best offer is the standard, where you have all the Recoverit functions that we have shown you in this article (including the recovery of blocked PCs) for a year. There is also a cheaper package (without recovery of crashed PCs) or a more advanced package that offers a license for two PCs.