Realme X2 Pro Best Custom ROMs Collection

Realme is doing particularly well, and already this year they presented fantastic models like the Realme X50, X50 Pro, Realme 6, and others. But where are the phones from last year like the Realme X2 Pro? They remain more current than ever.

The X2 Pro’s performance is still great, and many developers have kept an eye on it. It recently received Android 10 officially. However, if you want to get the most out of your Realme X2 Pro, we recommend the best custom ROMs that you can install.


Download Realme X2 Pro Best Custom ROMs

Custom ROMs are an interesting world. Community developers do their best to offer an alternative to the manufacturer’s original ROMs, and you can find a bit of everything.

However, most custom ROMs have a couple of things in common, and the ones that exist for your Realme X2 Pro are no exception:

  • They give more support for custom themes, widgets, wallpapers, colors, system icons, and boot animations.
  • They give you ROOT access to your mobile so that you have control of everything it does.
  • They allow custom kernels to be installed to improve battery life and performance.
  • They support MODs to extend the functionalities of the device.
  • In many cases, they come free of factory applications (bloatware) that you will never use.
  • They update much faster than the official ROMs. Thus, you can have the latest version of Android even before the manufacturer publishes it if it does.

The best custom ROMs for your Realme X2 Pro

It is true that custom ROMs are not perfect, and that they are used less and less every day, but it never hurts to give them a chance. So, if you have the necessary knowledge to do it, here are our recommendations for your Realme X2 Pro.

LineageOS 17.1 for Realme X2 Pro (unofficial)

LineageOS 17.1 for Realme X2 Pro (unofficial)

LineageOS is the most popular Custom ROM of all, and almost any device with a community of cooks will have a version available, whether official or not.

It is the successor to the highly successful CyanogenMod ROM and is perhaps one of the most customizable and stable.

In the case of the ROM for the Realme X2 Pro, its improvements go through different points:

First, screen dimmer is optimized, so you will improve energy consumption. LineageOS also allows you to control the refresh rate of your X2 Pro. Besides, the game mode also improves, offering superior performance, as well as many other functions.

Download | LineageOS for your Realme X2 Pro.

AOSiP 10 for Realme X2 Pro (unofficial)

AOSiP 10 for Realme X2 Pro (unofficial)

If you are a fan of the Android Open Source Project, then AOSiP is the way to go. It is based on AOSP, so it comes without any unnecessary bloatware.

This ROM is focused on living the purest Android experience, without additions that you will not use, and with great stability.

Like LineageOS, AOSiP has its own enhancements for the screen dimming system, refresh rate, game mode, and more. It also comes with improvements for screen gestures and ambient mode. At the time of this writing, AOSiP is in an alpha phase of development, but it’s still pretty stable.

Download | AOSiP 10 for your Realme X2 Pro.

Mokee ROM for your Realme X2 Pro (unofficial)

Mokee ROM for your Realme X2 Pro (unofficial)

We know that it is the third unofficial ROM that we recommend in this article, but that is part of the magic of Android and its custom ROMs.

Anyone with enough knowledge can design their own ROM, or build on a successful ROM on other devices and port it to their own.

Mokee ROM is also based on AOSP and is focused on improving the usability of your Realme X2 Pro, adding some great features. It is one of the most stable alternative ROMs out there, and its fluidity is on another level. Constantly receive updates, and you can download them via OTA without a problem.

Download | Mokee ROM for your Realme X2 Pro.

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Dirty Unicorns for Realme X2 Pro

Dirty Unicorns for Realme X2 Pro

The only officially supported custom ROM from its original equipment on this list. Again, it’s another AOSP-based ROM, so it will install as little as necessary to function properly.

Still, Dirty Unicorns is as customizable as LineageOS, and with its tweaks, you can dramatically improve the performance of your Realme X2 Pro.

Of course, it brings improvements to the screen dimmer, refresh rate, game mode, and more. Root access is managed by SuperSU, and updates can be managed from an application designed for it.

Download | Dirty Unicorns for your Realme X2 Pro.

Things to consider when installing a custom ROM on your Realme X2 Pro

There are some things you should know about these ROMs before installing them on your Realme X2 Pro. The first thing is that at the time of writing this article, almost all need your Realme X2 Pro to have ColorOS 6.1 installed.

Also, the ROMs for the X2 Pro still have some issues with the VoLTE (Voice over LTE) protocol.

However, it is solved by installing a ZIP package that you will find in the threads of each ROM. Also, some run SELinux in permissive mode, so be careful what you install, always use reliable sources.

Remember that you will also lose the warranty of your device when installing them unless you return to the stock ROM before sending it to the technical service.

That said, it is time for you to install some of these fabulous ROMs on your Realme X2 Pro, and then tell us how it went.