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Motorola Edge and Edge+ (2023) Google Camera 9.0 Download

Motorola will launch a new product line in the United States as part of its Edge portfolio. Motorola Edge 2023 and Motorola Edge Plus 2023 are the two new Motorola Edge phones. With a Qualcomm 8 Gen 2 chip and a triple-lens camera array, the Plus model is well suited for the mid-tier market. The vanilla model, however, features dual lenses and is well-suited for the mid-tier market.

One of the key highlights of the Edge Duo is the camera, which won’t disappoint. Regarding camera performance, there is no significant difference between the two phones. Because both phones support the Camera2 API, GCam mod is already available. You can download the Motorola Edge (2023) Google Camera from here.

Motorola Edge and Edge+

Google Camera for Moto Edge & Edge+ (2023)

Our previous Motorola Edge devices have the OmniVision OV50A 50MP sensor, paired with a 50MP ultra-wide angle and 12MP telephoto lens. On the Moto Edge 2023, we get the same dual-lens camera setup we found on the Moto Edge 40 Neo. Regarding software, it is similar to the Motorola Edge series of phones released recently. Several useful features are available in the app, such as Night Vision, Cinemagraph, Pro Mode, Ultra-Res (for 50MP pictures), and more.

It doesn’t matter whether you own Edge or Edge Plus; you can sideload the Pixel Camera app, aka Google Camera app, from Pixel 8 onto your phone and then take advantage of its bright, detailed images in daylight.

It’s good to know that Google GCam works with Motorola Edge (2023) and Edge+ (2023) phones after being updated to version 9.0 with Pixel 8 phones. Developers have ported the app to other phones, including the Motorola Edge.

As for the features, some are offered by the Google Camera app, including Night Sight, Astrophotography mode, SloMo, Beauty Mode, HDR Enhanced, Lens Blur, RAW support, and more. We will now see how to download and install Google Camera using the Motorola Edge smartphone.

Download Google Camera for Motorola Edge (2023 Models)

Camera2 API comes pre-installed on Motorola phones, so you don’t have to root them or apply any additional settings. Easy installation is required for the GCam mod port to work on your device.


GCam ports are available on the web in various forms. Our team has selected three of your smartphone’s most effective GCam ports. The following links provide the latest versions of GCam 9.0 by BigKaka, 8.9 by BSG, and 8.7 by BigKaka.

To make the most of this app, you must adjust its settings after downloading it on your smartphone. Better performance and results are a must. You can find these settings here before beginning to use this app.

Settings for GCam 8.7:

  1. First, download this config file and put it on your smartphone.

  2. To work properly, the config file should now be pasted inside the folder /Downloads/MGC_CONFIG/.

  3. As soon as you have completed this, open the Google Camera app on your phone and double-click on the blank area next to the shutter button in the camera app.

  4. In the pop-up window, tap on the settings you want to restore and press the restore button when finished.

  5. Then go back to the app drawer and open the app again after you have returned to the app drawer.


The Moto Edge and Edge Plus are now fully configured to take blazing and amazing photos from the device.

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Harnessing Google Camera Power

We’ll explore some crazy-cool features that will improve your photos now that you’ve got Google Camera on your Motorola Edge and Edge+ (2023).

1. Night Sight Mode

A brilliant, noise-free image made from multiple exposures taken in near darkness.

2. Astrophotography Mode

Take a closer look at the stars with Google Camera for the Motorola Edge and Edge+ (2023), a pre-loaded astrophotography app that lets you see the stars like never before.

3. Portrait Mode

It enhances the versatility of the Google Camera app by blurring backgrounds and creating stunning portraits. It’s also useful for sharpening focus on a subject matter.

4. HDR+ enhanced

Google Camera uses advanced HDR+ technology for landscape and scenery photography to capture crisp, clear photos even in difficult lighting conditions.

5. Pro Mode

To create the perfect shot, you can use the Pro Mode of Google Camera to adjust settings such as ISO, shutter speed, and white balance.

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