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How to install official Samsung firmware

official Samsung firmware

This guide is presented with the aim of helping all users who intend to use Odin, a tool developed by  Samsung,   for the installation of the new official Samsung firmware. This procedure is also suitable for users with little experience in this sector;  so do not worry if this is the first time you use it, no computer knowledge is required, but just follow the procedure that you will find below step by step.

As always, we advise you to follow all the steps in this guide to the letter, so that the procedure on how to install official Samsung firmware is successful. Having made this small premise, let’s see together how to proceed.

How to install official Samsung firmware


A computer with any version of Windows ;
Samsung Kies: Needed to make sure you have the necessary drivers installed on your PC. [ DOWNLOAD ]
Odin: it is an executable, it does not need any installation. The link will allow you to download the Odin .exe file and its.ini file, to be kept in the same folder when starting the software. [ DOWNLOAD ]
Official Samsung Firmware: Official Samsung firmware can be downloaded from the Stock Firmware page. Searching for the desired firmware is very simple, just connect to the DATABASE section of the Stock Firmware page and enter the model of your device and the nationality of the firmware you have decided to install in the appropriate fields. To see the links you need to register on the site.

Correct Firmware Download:

First, you need to know the nationality and brand of your device. To do this, open the dialer and enter the code * # 1234 #. A screen with three entries will appear and of these only, the string corresponding to the CSC will be considered. Take the last six letters of the string and among these the first three will tell you which country your phone comes from, as well as its brand, for example, ITV refers to the Italian no-brand firmware, while OMN, TIM and WIN to the Italian firmware of Vodafone. , Tim and Wind. Having the correct nationality firmware is not necessary but recommended for the less experienced. When you understand which firmware you need, through the Stock Firmware page, enter the information requested in the information box from the site itself.

Complete Procedure:

  1. First, all you have to do is extract the. ZIP file containing the firmware you previously downloaded from the Stock Firmware page;
  2. Open Odin and, after selecting the AP field, look for the firmware in the directory of the PC where you extracted it. Do not touch anything else and make sure the re-partition field is not selected.
  3. From the device turned off, press the home + power + volume up buttons for a few seconds and, once you have entered the recovery mode, use the volume rocker as a directional button and move to wipe data/factory reset and give the ok with the power button. once this is done, restart the device with the appropriate command, always from recovery.
  4. After resetting, turn off your device and restart it in download mode  (this procedure varies from device to device). Confirm with the appropriate button (Volume Up in the case of the GS3) and connect the device to the PC. If the drivers have been correctly installed by Kies, Odin will recognize your Samsung smartphone or tablet.
  5. Now, all you have to do is press the Odin Start button to start the installation. The procedure will last approximately 5 minutes and upon completion, if all goes well, your device will restart automatically.


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