How to insert PDF into PowerPoint presentation

Pdf Into Powerpoint

In this guide, we will look at several ways you will be able to insert a PDF into a PowerPoint presentation without making mistakes.

THE PDF file they are widely used for multiple functions, many of them contain information that can be useful and that we want to show in a PowerPoint presentation.

At first glance it seems a simple task just go to the Insert tab, in the Text group we select Object and there we select the PDF option. But generally, the result will give an error window.

If what you want is to show the contents of a document in PDF format in a presentation, you can do this by following the alternatives we show you below.

With this, we will have a professional aspect, with which to improve our PowerPoint presentation and we will be able to show it safely in case we need it.

The best solutions to insert PDF into PowerPoint

This first alternative can be very useful for many users who want to show certain content that is not very large or with multiple pages. It will also be possible to view content from multiple pages, but this is more appropriate to the second alternative that we will show below.

To do this we go to the Insert tab> screenshots

It will launch two options, the one to capture a window that we opened, which may be a good option, but would completely show the program. Another option is to capture part of a window (Screen crop), with this option we choose which part of the text or images we want to show and highlight.

Both choices are a good option, we will choose the one that we consider convenient and suitable for our needs.

As I said before, if we want to show a complete document, a better alternative is the one shown below.

Insert the PDF as a PowerPoint object

With this option, we can insert “the document” like a button or link to the original document. In this way, we will be able to show the whole document in a faster, more professional, and organized way.

To insert a PDF file as an object into a PowerPoint presentation using this series of steps:

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation on the page where you want to insert the PDF.
  2. Select Insert and Subject.
  3. Select Create from file and go to the PDF file.
  4. Select OK

This will embed the PDF file on the selected slide. The file will be compressed and therefore the quality of the file will be reduced, but now anyone who selects the link will open it.

Insert a PDF file as a presentation action

If neither of these methods works for your needs, you can also add a PDF file to a PowerPoint presentation as an action.

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation on the page where you want to insert the PDF.
  2. Select Insert and Action in the Links section.
  3. Select Hyperlink to: in the popup and Other files in the selection.
  4. Link to the PDF file there and select the PDF file, then OK.
  5. Select Object Action in the Action Settings window and select Open.
  6. Select OK to insert into the slide.

This method will insert a link to the PDF file which is activated by clicking on the image with the mouse. You can choose to open the PDF file with the mouse if you prefer, but that means it will happen every time you move the mouse over that link. It is not ideal if presented to a corporate audience.

Save a PowerPoint as a PDF file

Since we are talking about PowerPoint and PDF files, did you know that you can save PowerPoint as PDF? Here’s how to do it:

  1. In PowerPoint, select the File tab.
  2. Select Export and create PDF / XPS document.
  3. Give the file a name.
  4. Select Standard or minimum size depending on the use you intend to assign.
  5. Select Options to change the format if necessary.
  6. Select Publish to save the file in PDF.

Your PowerPoint should now be a PDF file and will retain much of its original form only in a different format. Ideal for email or online sharing. Useful, huh?

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