The Best Screen Sharing Apps Of 2020

Use screen sharing could be a great way to solve a slightly varied set of problems.

For example, this allows you to intervene remotely (directly or not) to resolve Technical Problems but also to control what is happening on a particular computer while being distant from it.

Likewise, those who hold a webinar or similar can use this function to make their lesson much more practical, interacting directly with their students. In fact, for most users, sharing what is happening on the screen can be very useful.

To meet this demand, software developers have created several somewhat functional solutions. In this article, we will deal with this topic, trying to understand what are the main applications for sharing the display and any remote action within this context.

sharing apps of 2020

Screen sharing: all the main applications available

Beyond simple screen sharing, as we have hinted, this software offers much more. In many cases, you have real control over the “viewed” device, being able to intervene directly to solve a given problem.

Without dwelling further, let’s analyze the leading applications, whether they are free or not.


Among the many alternatives, the best known is without a shadow of a doubt TeamViewer. The main feature of this application is the very high level of compatibility. This indeed works indistinctly on Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, and even mobile platforms (Android is iOS).

TeamViewer is an application usable both through one free version than with an advanced, strong of many more functions. Unless you have particular needs, such as business meetings or similar, the basic version is already more than enough.

Features related to file sharing, to communicate via microphone as well as compatibility with software such as SalesForce, Amazon Workspaces, Zendesk, ServiceNow is Boss.


Slightly less famous than the previous application, Supreme, however, it is a more than valid alternative for screen sharing. The strong point of this software is the fact that it is extremely light is that it does not require any type of installation or configuration regarding routers, firewalls, and the like.

The app in question offers the possibility of manage multiple screens, quickly passing files from one computer to another with the classic technique Drag & Drop. It is a tool for managing computers remotely, which, as well as for TeamViewer, goes far beyond simply sharing the display.

Supremo encrypts the data flow with an algorithm AES with a 256-bit key. As if that wasn’t enough, you can further increase the security level by specifying one password six alphanumeric characters.

Among the many interesting features offered by the program, we highlight the installation as a Windows service. This function allows you to automatically launch Supremo at the boot time of the operating system. This allows you to control a remote machine directly, without having to “manually” intervene on the controlled computer.

The software can be used in a free version for personal use. In the case of commercial use, on the other hand, it is necessary to sign a license (which can, however, be activated on an infinite number of computers), which offers a series of additional features.

As far as the company subscription is concerned, there are two ways: the Only (starting from 98 euros per year plus VAT) and the Business (178 euros per year plus VAT).

Sygma Connect

A decidedly more voted solution to the professional sphere is constituted by Sygma Connect, an app that, despite its nature, is still available at a more than acceptable cost compared to many other applications.

Thrown by Italian developers of CoreTech, the platform is under development, although it already looks quite interesting and ambitious. Available on Windows, macOS, and Linux, the subscription costs 5 euros per month for each user, with the possibility of connecting up to 3 remote computers.

One of the main features of Sygma Connect is the high level of security. In this sense, it goes far beyond simple IDs and passwords. The system used in this case is that of the certified with the public and private key.

It is a simple solution but, at the same time, capable of guaranteeing an extremely high level of safety compared to industry standards.

As for the interface, this appears essential without particular frills, capable of making even users who are less familiar with this type of software at ease.

The reasons for such a low cost and the future of this platform

Why is it so cheap compared to the competition? From CoreTech, this move is a way to be able to make yourself competitive compared to software already established in the sector that would otherwise be almost unattainable.

Sygma Connect is a software under development, and, for this reason, in some respects, it still has certain problems and limitations. Some critical issues concern audio, multiple monitor management, and remote printing.

Despite this, the development team appears to be very attentive to reports and user needs: these are problems that will surely be resolved within a few weeks/months.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Is there a practical solution that does not require installations to be able to view and control a screen remotely? For those who do not have special needs, you can opt for Chrome Remote Desktop.

As it is easy to guess, it is an extension designed for Chrome and all browsers based on Chromium, For example, Brave.

Among the many extensions available (as already seen in the article “Improve Gmail thanks to some extensions for Google Chrome”), You need to do the following to install the plugin in question:

  1. Download and install Google Chrome (if not already in use);
  2. Launch the browser;
  3. Open one new tab by clicking the specific button;
  4. Choose the option App, located in the bookmarks bar;
  5. Click Web Store and look for the extension Chrome Remote Desktop;
  6. Choose the dedicated extension, select it, and click on the blue button with the word Add on it.

Chrome Remote Desktop is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook. The only request is that the browser is present in both systems. The functions of this totally free solution are not many, especially after analyzing the other software. For those with limited needs, however, it’s not a big problem.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

When you need to share the screen in the context of your office work or the like, the most immediate solution can be Microsoft Remote Desktop. This free software is available in the Microsoft Store and uses technology Remote Desktop Protocol (owned by the US computer giant).

This can be installed in up to 10 devices, which may include operating systems such as Windows 10, 8, and 8.1 and even Xbox One consoles.

It should be pointed out that the program in question is not among the most intuitive to set up and requires some specific technical knowledge. For example, those who want to connect to a computer outside the home network will need to know the IP address assigned to the second device.

In addition, you will also need to configure the router to allow connection and prevent sharing from being blocked.

Microsoft Remote Desktop does not allow you to share files, but only to view what appears on the screen, control the second device, and copy information, and other texts. Probably, this program is not the best for home use, but perfect for remote collaboration of multiple people.

Lite Manager

Often too underrated, Lite Manager is part of the most interesting screen sharing software among the many available on the market. This solution provides two versions of the app: one free and one paid (with a low cost of $ 10 anyway).

Although there is a pro version, almost all users find in the free edition all the tools necessary for their needs. Among the many extremely useful functions, we can list a screen recorder, the ability to install software remotely, and to perform network mapping, make Lite Manager extremely interesting and competitive in this context.


The software AnyDesk is another screen sharing solution that leverages high compatibility. In fact, it works very well in Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, but also the less usual FreeBSD, ChromeOS, and even in the environment Raspberry Pi.

This is a complete program that allows you to:

  • send files
  • make presentations
  • copy portions of text
  • record what appears in the display

There is also an excellent slider to manage the connection speed. This contributes to offering excellent data transmission quality, making remote operations particularly fluid. The connection mode is very simple to start: users will only have to insert a host code (or alias), assigned during installation on the “receiving” computer.

AnyDesk is available as a desktop application, complete with installation, and in version portable. There cryptography, the connections checked, and the whitelist they ensure users a very high level of safety.


These are just some of the best solutions for screen sharing of 2020. Obviously, this is a small taste compared to what the Web offers, both for a fee and free of charge. In any case, we invite you to report in the comments other software and applications that allow you to share / control screens remotely.

Note well: It should always be remembered that allowing access to your device can involve some privacy and security risks. In fact, we would advise you to:

  1. do not share any code or credentials useful for accessing the specific computer;
  2. avoid using these apps if even one of the devices should be connected to a public network (in order not to provide a “bridge” to any hackers);
  3. always check that there is no foreign person connected to the home network;
  4. avoid communicating to too many people that you use the software of this type;
  5. close the above applications when they are not in use.

With these simple precautions, the use of the listed apps should not involve particular risks.

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