Huawei Y6P Does Not Turn On: How To Solve The Problem

How to backup Huawei Y6P

How do you say? Does your Huawei Y6P no longer start and the screen remains black? Then this is the article that is right for you. The causes of what you have found could be innumerable but, despite this, we will still try to find a solution.

First of all, if I wanted to know what to do if Huawei Y6P does not start, it would be essential to understand if the behavior was found following a fall, an impact (perhaps accidental), or a dive or contact with water or liquids.

If this were the case we would be faced with a hardware problem and, unfortunately, the only viable solution would be to contact an official Huawei service center or a specialized laboratory capable of solving the anomaly found.

If none of this had happened, it is likely that the reason why Huawei Y6P remains with a black screen and does not turn on again, perhaps following an update, is simply software. In this case, make yourself comfortable and proceed with reading the article.

Huawei Y6P is dead and won’t turn on again

As mentioned at the beginning of the guide, the reasons why Huawei Y6P no longer turns on may be different. Fortunately, they are often easily resolved in very few steps, and therefore in a short time, which does not require any specific knowledge.

Press the power button correctly

It is probably not your case but better to be sure. In fact, it happened that more users complained that their phone seemed dead when instead they pressed the power button incorrectly. So be sure to press the button correctly.

It might seem like nonsense, but trust me it isn’t. There are several cases in which people are unable to turn on the smartphone, perhaps in a hurry given the apparent problem of Huawei Y6P, because they hit the power button incorrectly.

Try a forced restart

Do you want to know why Huawei Y6P has shut down and won’t start anymore? Good question, let’s find out together! It could happen that the screen of Huawei Y6P remains black for several reasons, sometimes even following a software update.

In these cases, a forced restart is sufficient. To force Huawei Y6P to restart, you must simultaneously press the volume down and power button for 10-15 seconds, until you see the phone logo appear on the screen. At this point you can release the keys.

We do not exclude that the sequence to do the forced restart of Huawei Y6P can be updated. If the previous one has not had the right effect, try to repeat it, this time pressing only the power button or the power button together with volume up.

If the same behavior occurs again we recommend you reset Huawei Y6P so as to have a clean and error-free software base. Don’t forget to make a full backup first to avoid losing important data and photos.

Do a long charge

Did the previous solutions fail and does your Huawei Y6P look dead? So what to do when Huawei Y6P still does not turn on? The problem could concern the battery, perhaps almost exhausted, which begins to show the first signs of failure.

Try connecting the phone to the charger (preferably with a powerful one like the iPad) for a long time and check if the status LEDs show signs of life. It cannot be excluded that the battery has gone life, which is why it needs a prolonged charge.


Here we are at the end of our guide, in which we showed you all the methods and solutions to solve the problem of Huawei Y6P that no longer turns on. We hope that the article has been to your liking but above all, it has been helpful.

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