How To Backup Huawei Y6P

How to backup Huawei Y6P

Surely in the early days it will not be necessary seen and considered that the device is still brand new. But over the months and years, the continuous saving of multimedia files and application data could weigh down the smartphone.

In this case, a factory reset will improve the phone’s performance. However, it must be taken into account that the procedure will delete all the data on the device. For this reason, we at Aiomobilestuff will explain how to backup your Huawei Y6P.

Backup Huawei Y6P from settings

  1. From the Home search and stop the Settings icon;
  2. Enter “System”;
  3. Enter in “Backup and restore”;
  4. Select “Backup my data” and activate the option;
  5. Click the back button;
  6. Select “Backup account” and choose your account;
  7. Go back to the Settings menu;
  8. Select “Account” and press “Google”;
  9. Activate the elements of your interest;
  10. Click the menu button at the top right and press “Synchronize now”;
  11. Wait for the end of the procedure;
  12. Get back to using your smartphone normally.

That’s all. The guide on how to backup Huawei Y6P has ended.

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